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"...just press 2 for a while..."

In regards to getting a hold or Iwashi, Tayuya, or Sakon/Ukokn:

There's a guy from my summer job who wants to hook up with me who I am not interested in. He keeps IM-ing me to try and do stuff with me before I go off to college. To remedy his IM-ing me, I am going to be invisible. I'll appear off-line, but I'm really not. I'm usually on all the time. It should stop when I leave for college, but if it doesn't, I'm going to change my AIM and let you people know.



I was going to post this as Tayuya, but she can't post to narutorp for some reason. I don't know if it's because narutorp hasn't added them to their friends list or what. She also can't post to the narutorp_apps, narutorp_fandom, or narutorpplot. She can only post to her own journal. I thought I should let the management know. K, thnx.
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