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Some Modly Buisness

Okay. The first thing is, We have not had a LiveJournal Friends Console Friend thingie done in almost a year and a half now. But as I looked around I noticed not everyone had everyone favorited and what not. So, I felt we needed an update friend console thingie. So, yeah. Behind the cut.

1. First, log onto your character journal and go

2. Then, copy and paste this chain of commands:

Friend add _anko
Friend add _tsunade
Friend add chiboshi_kei
Friend add geji_mayu
Friend add hatake_kakashi
Friend add hyuga_neji
Friend add iruka_umino
Friend add kabuto_yakushi
Friend add konohamaru_kun
Friend add kotetsuhagane
Friend add kugutsushi
Friend add kurenai_sensei
Friend add morino_ibiki
Friend add sabaku_no_gaara
Friend add sakonukon
Friend add sakura_haruno
Friend add serpent_jutsu
Friend add shin_mangekyou
Friend add shinobi_flutist
Friend add shiranui_genma
Friend add shiroime
Friend add shizune_jounin
Friend add smokingjounin
Friend add tatami_iwashi
Friend add temari
Friend add tokubetsuraidou
Friend add uchiha_sasuke
Friend add uzumakinaruto
Friend add narutorp
Friend add narutorp_apps
Friend add narutorpplot

Second order of business. As I have not been very active the last few months due to some real life issues that decided to pop up, I have fallen behind on my paper work so to speak. I used to have a very up to date list of who handles what, aim names and what not. So here is what I would like.

Could you all, everyone. Even if you have done it before. And this includes old vets like Yelena, Ryuu, Erin, Gochan, AK Sarah. Get in contact with me one way or another soon, so I can get some info from you. So If you could please send me either

1)An Email to
2)An AIM message to DesperateAngel24

And give me the following info?
Character(s) You Handle:
Character(s) Journal:
Handler Name:
Email Address:
AIM Name:
LJ Password: (If you wish the mods to have it for future usage. We will not abuse it.)

We, the mods, are trying to get our info back up to date so we can make some updates to the LJ Page and make a up to date list of everyones AIM Names and such. So it is very important you get this info to my self so I can get it all organized and filed.



PS: If I missed anyone's journal on the LJ Console please respond to this topic and let me know.
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