Uzumaki Naruto (uzumakinaruto) wrote in narutorp,
Uzumaki Naruto

Welcome Ino!


I know it is a little later. I meant to do this like 4 days ago but I have had a uber busy last few days with work so I have not had time to do it. Due to the like... 10 Yes votes for the Ino app. We now have a Ino Player!

Only problem is. I don't seem to have contact info for her. So I have not been able to get in touch with her. If someone who knows her AIM (Or if shes reading this <3) can you tell her to make a new Ino Journal and email me at

The Journal Name:
Handler Name:
Handler Email:
Handler AIM:
Password: (If you wish)

As soon as you make the Ino Journal I will post it here so we all my friend it and you can get to work roleplay as soon as you want. <3


PS: I know Ive said this before. But I really want to post so expect posts from me tomorrow. If I dont post tomorrow Ill just... uh... resign from Naruto and Anko so you can get someone who isnt a slacker. Sorry! But posts will be coming!

PPS: To the Other Mods. I am still not getting an email notification of new applications on NarutoRP_Apps nor can I see the applications under the screened topics for some reason. Which is why I cant get her info. -_-
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