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Letting go.

This has been something in a long time coming now and it's only a matter of making it official. My deepest apologies to those I'm letting down, but I'm going to have to quit this RP.

The game started dying a long time ago, and even though we were kick-starting it really well for a month or so, eventually it died again. I didn't play much part to help prevent that and I apologize, but Life has begun to demand more of me and my time. Regretfully, Role-Playing time is a part of that and I've had to chose which RPGs I had to let go of. For a long time, I held off on abandoning this one because it was the first Naruto RPG I was in that really became and stayed successful for longer than six months. I absolutely fell in love with Kurenai's character thanks to this game, and she is now an outstanding favorite of mine as a result. I will always remember this RP for giving me that.

I also had a blast playing Inoshi (for that short preiod of time), and Sakura was a wonderful experience that gave me more conifidence in picking up main characters. While I never felt I had a real handle on Tsunade, it was interesting to take charge in that sense. Overall, I've had some of my fondest RPing memories here, and a majority of my development is thanks to this RPG.

However, time has become limited for me and this RPG's time has probably moved on. I apologize to the other mods for leaving like this, and to other players who my characters were still interacting with. Also for some of the new players (our Shizune player especially) for their contributions, efforts, and time spent here. I hope my leaving doesn't crumble anything and that you still have lots of fun role-playing.

I wish to keep my Kurenai journal, but I am returning the Sakura and Tsunade journals to the mods as they have stayed with this RPG for a while, and I feel they shall continue to. If you need their information and passwords, you can likely find me online. If you wish to talk to me, same place.

Best of luck to all of you. I hope I still get to see some of you around. It's been a pleasure and honor.

Yuuhi Kurenai, Haruno Sakura, Tsunade
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