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Naruto Roleplaying LJ Community

Because We Rock~!

NarutoRP - Because We Rock. Really.
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This is a Livejournal RPG for the manga Naruto. Although we have previously followed the manga in the past, recently we have diverged from more recent manga plot developments. In this game, the Sound 4/5 never came to retreive Sasuke and it is now one year after the Tsunade arc. Many of Konoha's genin are now chuunin, and Orochimaru is still looking fervently for a vessel.

To apply please go here.

Contact Info [Locked to Players]

Aburame Shino // shinoes [Open]
Akimichi Chouji // akichimi_cho [Open]
Chiboshi Kei // chiboshi_kei
Ebisu // ebisu_ [Open]
Hagane Kotetsu // kotetsuhagane
Haruno Sakura // sakura_haruno
Hatake Kakashi // hatake_kakashi
Hyuuga Hinata // shiroime
Hyuuga Neji // hyuga_neji
Inuzuka Kiba // inuzuka_red [Open]
Jiraiya // ero_jiraiya // [Open]
Kamizuki Izumo // _kamizuki_izumo // [Open]
Konohamaru // konohamaru_kun
Maito Gai // gaisensei [Open]
Mitarashi Anko // _anko
Morino Ibiki // morino_ibiki
Namaishi Raidou // tokubetsuraidou
Nara Shikamaru // shikamaru_nara
Nara Shikato // nara_shikato // [Open]
Rock Lee // geji_mayu
Sarutobi Asuma // smokingjounin
Shiranui Genma // shiranui_genma
Shizune // shizune_jounin
Tatami Iwashi // tatami_iwashi
Tenten // TBA // [Open]
Tsunade // _tsunade
Uchiha Sasuke // uchiha_sasuke
Umino Iruka // iruka_umino
Uzumaki Naruto // uzumakinaruto
Yamanaka Ino // yamanaka_ino [Open]
Yamanaka Inoshi // daddy_yamanaka // [Open]
Yuuhi Kurenai // kurenai_sensei

Baki // baki_sensei // [Open]
Gaara // sabaku_no_gaara
Kankuro // kugutsushi
Temari // temari
Uta Yanagi // uta_yanagi

Jiroubou // TBA // [Open]
Kaguya Kimimaro // kaguyakimimaro // [Open]
Kidoumaru // _kidoumaru_ [Open]
Orochimaru // serpent_jutsu
Sakon/Ukon // sakonukon
Tayuya // shinobi_flutist
Yakushi Kabuto // kabuto_yakushi

Deidara // oni_deidara // [Open]
Hoshigake Kisame // hoshigaki // [Open]
Sasori // akatsukidanna // [Open]
Uchiha Itachi // shin_mangekyou
Zetsu // gen_aka_kai // [Open]

We have diverged from the manga following the Tsunade arc. Sasuke and his barrel never became intimately aquainted, meaning Sasuke has not yet been swayed by the power of the dark side Orochimaru. He and the rest of Konoha's finest have been training for the past year, and our genins have all grown into fine chuunin. Here is where we pick up our story.

Activity level:

As of 08.03.05

Leaf shinobi have been very busy bees. After the contaminated water disaster was taken care of, The jounin decided to throw a celebratory dinner. Some celebrated more than others and some had to carry the burden. Some jounin were their usual selves to the disappointment of girlfriends everywhere. We're still not really sure how Kotetsu managed to bag the Chiboshi babe, but she seems to have affected his life in both good ways and bad. Good thing he's got Izumo to keep him in line while Kei is off playing with Jiraiya and his plants. They're on their way to Sand, but, unbeknownst to them, a certain loud mouthed blonde is hot on their trail. Sort of.

Back in Leaf, our formidable Chuunin have been doing what they do best; getting into trouble. After a disastrous mission, Tenten finally escaped the hospital only to find out that Ino had been living in a tent because her mother disapproved of her training with Ibiki. Kurenai took in the blonde chuunin, but even Kurenai couldn't fix Inoshi's heart attack. We are happy to report that Inoshi is recovering nicely. We, unfortunately, can't say the same for Tenten, who was sort of poisoned by a well-meaning Gai-sensei after she left the hospital. She didn't even have her teammates to lean on, as Lee was training like mad and Neji was occupied with snakes and Sasuke. Shortly thereafter, Neji was assigned on a mission with a couple of foreign Ninja. Neither of them seemed to have been enjoying themselves until one fateful night.

Can you say, "Oh shit?"

Speaking of. Our lovely medic-kunoichi, Sakura, was sent on her first solo mission. What she didn't know, however, was that it was a trap set by the nefarious Orochimaru in order to lure Tsunade to Sound. Now, only if his ninjas could get un-lost and out of Konoha in order to head off the team from Konoha at Sound's gates. Unfortunately, their leader, Shizune, is a bit distracted after a different kind of rendezvous with Genma. Raidou is just trying to keep up with Shizune's ever changing moods, while Iwashi is just trying to keep up, period.

Meanwhile, our angsting prodigy has taken it upon himself to rescue his teammate. Not to be outdone, Rock Lee also stupidly chased after Team Shizune, leaving Tenten irritated and teammate-less – again. She only has Ino to complain to when the rumors start flying, but Ino has her own problems. As usual, most of them lead to Nara Shikamaru, who is apparently Ino's God? That's... interesting. However, it's probably not as interesting as Hinata and Shino's latest mission, where they posed as married couple. After returning from the mission and recovering from food poisoning, Hinata is back to helping with festival preparations.

This festival probably isn't going to go smoothly. Considering that most of the jounin are out on missions (Kurenai is none too happy about hers), the girls are the ones in charge. Hopefully nothing will fall, fall apart, or fall into a lake before the actual festival takes place. One bit of good news: newly appointed Kazekage Gaara is planning a trip to Konoha and may stay for the festival. One has to wonder, however, if his trip has anything to do with uniting the two countries by marriage.

We don't know how well that's going to go over back in Konoha.

Finally, what have those darned Akatsuki members been up to? We're not really sure but it can't be anything good, now can it?

This is the eye before the storm.

As of 5.15.05

In Konoha, things are hustling and bustling. Team 10 and Team Gai are dispatched on missions, yielding expected disasterous results for Shikamaru and Ino. Certainly, neither will look at certain foods quite the same way. After one false start, Team Gai is on their way to Cloud. However, as predicted, things aren't going as smoothly as they had hoped. And, to make matters worse, a strange alliance is being forged between the two teams. What else could come of this unholy alliance but disaster?

Team 7 is currently being held up within Konoha's borders for security purposes, so without missions to amuse themselves, Sasuke and Sakura are hitting the books. Perhaps Sasuke is hitting a little harder than Sakura, if you know what we mean, especially since all of Konoha's adolescent population is after his bounty. The one person who doesn't need to partake in activity is Shino, who has just returned from being hauled off by some Amazon to get married. (He has his own copies of the literature, you see.) His poor teammate Hinata is just trying to deal with the sabotaging of her latest mission and the normal, everyday annoyances of growing up. Hang in there, Hinata~! You'll survive! Hopefully. (The same may not be true of Kei-san, as Ino has been trying to get her a date for the past couple of days. Ino's number one target also happens to be Konoha's number one man h0. Remember, Kei. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and besides, all work and no play makes Kei a very dull girl.)

So much for Konoha being an exemplary ninja village. Sound spies are crawling all over the place, even fooling our lovely chuunin who is supposed to be a spy herself!. However, the fun as yet to really begin, as Kabuto has had his fill of torturing Temari and is now on his way to Konoha, posing as a missing jounin. Back in sound, Orochimaru is waiting to be updated, and Kimimaro is waiting to be put out of his misery. The young, ill one has been keeping busy, waiting to see what information Kabuto will bring him concerning those other vessel candidates.

In Sand, the Kazekage must face the consequences for what her demons have done. It was a good thing that Gaara was around or his brother could have really been in trouble. As it stands, we are bearing first witness to the youngest of the sand children's urges to lead his people, Kankuro's trials and tribulations in the ways of love and Temari's first lessons in growing up. Will the Sand trio never stop to amaze?

Finally, back in Konoha, a crisis has broken out at the administration building, and we don't mean that Shizune's panties are missing (they WERE missing, in fact, until a certain unnamed jounin attempted to steal them back, but that's a whole other story.) The water in the administration building is contaminated, and now half of Shizune's staff can't stop vomiting. Will a team PLEASE volunteer to go to Tea to get the herbs before Shizune has a heart attack? Unfortunately, Kurenai will not be one of the people on that mission, as she drank the water. Oh, dear. -_-

And look who landed in Konoha just in time for the chaos. And -- he's taking a student.

What will these crazy kids think of next?

As of 5.06.05

Our hero has just returned from a year-long training trip and upon arriving home, finds Sakura training hard under Tsunade-sama. And wouldn't you know it, her first patient ever is our very own Yamanaka Ino, who has been working like mad since her promotion. After Shizune reluctantly agreed to take pity on her, she found out that she was being assigned yet another mission, this time with Hinata and Tenten. However, things don't go quite according to plan, as Neji inexplicably takes offense at this. Ino ends up on the mission alone, which does not go over well with her father, but such is the life of a ninja.

In other parts of the world, new chuunin Temari is learning to let go. Cushioning the blow is our favorite traitor, waiting in the wings. While Temari is just trying to survive the mission, her youngest brother is dealing with other demons. Kankuro, meanwhile, is try to learn how to deal with woman. He should count his blessings that he's not in Iruka's shoes back in Leaf, who's fiancee is now missing and presumed dead.

Elsewhere, Genma is now homeless after Tenten's attempts at getting him to train her included breakfast. He is now living with Shizune, who not only has to deal with THAT complication, but the brand new suggestion box, which is beginning to scare her. But not as much as Anko is scaring Ibiki, believe it or not. And she's just about ready to strangle him senseless.

And this is just the beginning.

As of 03.01.05:

Tanzaku. Hell freezes over when our resident Hokage hopeful actually wins something. A bad omen if there ever was one, that's for sure. Orochimaru finally tracks her down and presents her with an offer that Shizune believes might be difficult to refuse. The poor medic's blood pressure goes through the roof when the Tsunade-sama is again confronted by blast from the past in the form of Jiraiya, who has his own offer on the table. It seems Tsunade-hime has some serious decisions to make, but all the rest of us can really do is sit and wait (and be insuferrably annoying).

Meanwhile, to mend relations between Sand and Leaf, two unlikely diplomats are sent to the land of Sand. Shikamaru and Kiba decide to provide Ino with necessary precautions which doesn't help Tenten's growing feelings of sudden doom. This may or may not have something to do with Yamanaka Inoshi's own travel plans in the form of a training trip with his best friends' sons.

With Tenten gone, Lee sits idly around the hospital. But fear not: without Tenten to train with, Neji turns to Kei as a sparring partner and lands in the room next to Lee for his troubles. Konoha ninja population at the hospital is now at record highs. Caring and concerned friends can be seen loitering around the place as well.

It seems only Kurenai's Team 8 is currently intact, but for some reason, Shino is hiding in a cave. Yeah. We don't know, either. Our two cute diplomats are having their own problems, and Kankuro is still trying to deal with the fact that the diplomats, are, in fact, cute girls. Perhaps soliciting advice from his brother was not the wisest course of action.

Only time will tell what the future will bring.


As of 02.01.05

Our favorite evil Uchiha brother has temporarily disposed of Sasuke, but is thwarted from his true goal as Jiraiya forces the two Akatsuki members to run far, far away. Enter Konoha's Beautiful Green Bean Beast, who manages not to pose TOO much as he brings Sasuke back to Konoha.

Naruto and Jiraiya decide to set off to find Tsunade and maybe get in a little training, to boot. Where, oh where are you, Tsunade-hime?. A little boy back home is waiting patiently for you. Kakashi, still camatose, is also waiting.

Idle hands are the devil's playground, and so with only the village repairs to worry about, the rookie 12 (especially Yamanaka Ino) has had time to get into all sorts of trouble. It all culminates in a fight for Shikamaru's love, a failed wedding (to the disappointment of Inoshi and Shikato), and slightly ticked-off Sand kunoichi. However, all's well that ends well, and now Temari is safely back in Sand while the Konoha genin are back to their usual antics.

K-chan. yamanaka_ino email: FaLL oF RaiN143@aol.com
Go-chan. kurenai_sensei email: ninja_genki@hotmail.com
Temari. temari email: bulma@sysmatrix.net
Keiko. _anko email: Crescens1080@gmail.com

Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time~!

I. About Non-RP'er Fans and Roleplayers.

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[x] If anything about that is still not clear, please come by and read THIS reguarding the posts of non-RP'ers in RP journals

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II. For the RPers.

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[x] Though this RP is now technically AU, we are still playing in the spirit of Kishimoto's original intent. If you cannot justify yourself using canon as an example, don't do it. The end.

For any information not found on this page, please e-mail one of the mods.

Also available is narutorp_fandom for all fanwork pieces related to the community and its events. This includes pieces simply inspired by community rp activity or Naruto in general. This community is only available to RP members.